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Tips for Manic Mondays

To ensure a good start to the week, always plan forward. Be in control. Of yourself.

Motion Mondays

If you foresee or just had a stressful session with your boss or colleagues, instead of pulling your hair and gritting your teeth, do 10 Jumping Jacks or 10 slow Crunches instead.

Exercise helps you burn off stress just as nature intended, instead of letting them pile up. Exercise defuses stress. Especially when your stress hormones - cortisol are triggered!

It is amazing how 10 repetitions x 3 sets with 1 minute rest in between of Knee Ups will keep your chin up in times like this!

Effective Stress-Busting Mondays! And you mean business!

Mindful Mondays

Motion on a regular basis helps relieve bottled-up tension. Rhythmic, repetitive movements, such as walking, running, swimming, bicycling gives you eustress (the good physiological stress). Mimic the cycling movements as you sit in your office chair. Do a 20 minutes stint of  this and you dont even need a stationary bicycle from the gym!

And specific types of exercise such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong — actually emits the relaxation response. Even sitting in a Lotus Yoga position for 3 minutes in a corner of your office at coffeebreaks helps to centre you!

Boost the stress-relief rewards by shifting your attention to become aware of yourself — what and how you're feeling — and your surroundings during exercise. This should leave you feeling calmer and more centered. Engage in these activities regularly daily to ward off everyday stress.

 H2O Mondays

During physical activity, be aware of how your breathing complements the activity. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth gently, like blowing a balloon rhythmically and coordinate your breathing with your movements, focusing your attention mindfully on the sensations in your body. When you are inundated with disruptive thoughts intrude, gently turn your mind away from them and focus on moving and breathing.

Water is the eluxir of life. Sip on it throughout the day ensuring you have 8 to 12 glasses of water in a day.

Dismantle your negative stress cycles by doing the above.

Enhance your well-being by reducing stress and building resilience. It helps build stronger body immunity for better health.

Healthy Happy Mondays everybody!

Yours in wellness, beauty and happiness,
Dee Dee

Dr Dee Dee Mahmood, a multi-award winning Celebrity  Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist, is currently the Academic Adjunct (International Collaborations) Senior Lecturer of Edith Cowan University Australia. Labelled as the Asia Health and Fitness Icon by Berita Harian Malaysia. Dee Dee is a also a TEDX Speaker. Her science-based signature programmes among others include Fat2Fit Asia and Walking Football for Health Asia. Ambassadors to Reebok, Celebrity Beaute and Norwegian Seafood Council, her current portfolio includes health and wellness corporate and community projects and international research collaborations. 

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