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WELCOMING OUR VERY 1st IN-HOUSE Walking Football4Health JOURNALIST ! Shahrom Sulaiman  was a football reporter and writer from 2002 till 2007. He wrote for various columns and magazines such as, Football Weekly and The New Paper. He has always been a football fanatic and has attended many live local football matches to watch LionsXII or Geylang International. The only teams that he has watched live overseas are Paris Saint Germain and Caan in Paris. He will enthusiastically analyse soccer matches and has a dream that Walking Football can be further expanded for the ageing football enthusiasts and a proper competitive league can be formed in the years to come A Tale of Two (Walking Football) Men Reported by Shahrom Sulaiman As the sun sets on another successful Walking Football training session held at Bedok North Secondary School, two gentlemen cut a spirited shadow of their vibrant selves as they proceeded to make their way to pack the training equ