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Do you know? The word “salary” comes from the Latin word for salt because salt is how Roman soldiers were paid!

Nowadays, with the bad rap that salt has on blood pressure and the call for low salt intake, it is important to know that we actually NEED salt to live.

Salt helps to control our blood pressure and transmits important signals from our nerves to our muscle fibers. Too little salt can result in dehydration and too much salt can lead to us retaining too much fluid. This can lead to high blood pressure and hypertension and face health problems with our kidneys, liver or heart in the longer term.

You need to watch how much salt you eat and the type of salt you eat.

Guidelines from the American Heart Association states that we need 500 mg of salt per day to be healthy.

Important point to note is:

STAY AWAY from plain old refined table salt. This is the same salt you find in processed foods.

Refined table salt contains anti-caking agents linked to heavy metal…

StReSSed to DeSTrESs (Part 1: Nutrition)

Do you fall sick? Is your overall health compromised (Do you have high blood pressure? Diabetes? High cholesterol? Arthritis? Weight problems?)

Those are signs that stress has overtaken you.

Your overall energy is not in balance.


To keep your overall energy balanced, you must learn to merge both the mind and the heart. The heart and the mind both need to work in tandem and not against one another.

You develop anxiety if you live too much in your mind, as you try to control and dominate your life.

You develop depression and lethargy while living too much in your heart, as you try to cope the rigours of emotions.

Important point to ponder:

Many missed this one important point -

         "Only YOU can stress yourself."

And that, most of the times,

         " We GIVE others permission to stress us out."


Be in control NOW.



1. Room temperature water r…
I am wearing an open toe high heels for my jalan raya. What about you? 

So it is time to get to work on that feet and toe nails. Here is the simple and effective home routine: 
Soak your feet in warm water filled with Epsom Salt for a few minutes. This helps to soften the nail beds thus making it easier to clip and push our cuticles back.  Exfoliating with a hand & foot scrub helps smoothen the skin. Brush it with a mini loofah for even more softer skin.  Clean the dirt underneath the nails. Or if you have remnants of old nail polish, use nail polish remover on a bit of cotton ball wrapped around a thin stick. 
To whiten area underneath the nails, soak fingers in lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Rinse toes with warm water and apply nail cream.
When you are filing your nails, file nails in one direction. Never file it back and forth as this creates jagged tips that are prone to breakings. File smoothly in one direction at a time.  File from one side, then the other, until the nails are …