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Do you feel like your head is extremely heavy? And are you seeing lights only in  your right eye with incessant throbbing like a drum in your brain? No, are not being possessed! It is the dreaded Migraine. How do you exorcised a migraine? First, get to know your demons. The various headaches. Headaches are unpleasant pains in your head causing pressure and aching. Getting to know the pain metre, location of pain and its duration will help identify the types of headache you are experiencing and tailormade its solution. Tension headaches Tension headache is the most common type. Pain metre: mild to severe Where: usually occur on both sides of your head. Areas of headache: forehead, temples, back of the neck. Pain duration? 30 minutes to a week. Triggers? Stress, anxiety, muscle strain Cluster headaches Pain metre: severe Where: on one side of the headPain type: pain come in clusters, which means that you experience cycles of headache attacks, foll
Sweet Poison..REAL Reasons Why You Crave Sugar  1. You’re suffering from stress Stress creates havoc to your blood sugar levels causing it to shift up and down. This is why you are craving sugar. As a result, excess sugar and fat content in "comfort food" for your stress rakes up the calories. And that is not good for your body weigh and health. 2. You are sleep deprived  A hormone called ghrelin is produced heavily when you lach the shut-eye. This hormone makes you hungry. At the same time, it drops your levels of leptin, a hormone which lets you know when you’re satieted or feelings of fullness. Insomniacs or those who dont get enough sleep are prone to food cravings, obesity and diabetes. Ensure you are getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep nightly if you are aged 25 and above. 3. Are you skipping meals?  How many of you don't eat because you are simply too busy? If you go too long between meals,  that makes your body crave quick energy foods, which