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Is it THAT time of the month where you go berserk with mood swings, food cravings, migraines and cramps?  Being a lady is special but no, you do not feel  at all special when PMS pays you a visit at that special time of the month. It is like all hell break loose and tempers are short. And you just dont know why sadness creeps in too. Here are some help to alleviate the devil: Eat: Broccoli Broccoli has a high content of  calcium and fibre which is a great combination for PMS-buster. Studies have shown that women who eats the most calcium are the least likely to suffer from PMS. Women should consume 1000 mg of calcium per day. In addition, broccoli’s high levels of fiber will ease bloating and gets rid of discomfort that makes you cranky. It also gets rid of puffiness. Norwegian Salmon Norwegian Salmon is high in Omega-3,  fatty acids that are mood boosters which rival antidepressants. Its content of Vitamin D an important vitamin that helps calcium binding
Do you feel fatigue easily?  Or you have dizzy spells  rather often? Do have a check with your doctor.  If your result is anaemia - low red blood cells  count, the low haemoglobin in the low blood count have limited capacity for iron. Thus low iron due to this low haemoglobin count results in low oxygen and hence, your frequent and easy fatigue. So what do you do? Safety first. Guard yourself from falls - ensure that you do not make sudden movements especially those of changing heights.  To increase the mineral - iron in your body, 1. Eat green vegetables including brocoli, kale and spinach 2. Increase your consumption of liver, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish and lean red meat (beef or liver) 3. Take vitamin C as it helps in the absorption of iron.  4. Limit coffee, tea and cola which hinders the absorption of iron in your body 5. Stress management. As your body becomes stressed, stress hormones create havoc on your system.  2 to 3 minutes
Exercise Motivation & Character-Building: Support System as a Team With the new year of 2018 here, the resolutions to improve health by embracing healthy lifestyle is on the high. The tracks and parks are busy with joggers and exercisers and gyms filled with new members. But come March onwards, the "crowdedness" of these places might change.  One of the biggest challenges in exercise adherence is waning motivation.  It is a challenge to stay motivated especially if you are exercising alone.  So how do you ensure that you have strength in motivation? Exercise as a Team. When you have fun in a group, you will motivate each other and likely that you will stay motivated too. Playing team sports can aid in strengthening exercise commitment. Team sports are not only socially fun, it builds friendship. Playing Team Sports Builds Character 1. Trust and Respect through Cooperation When everyone is working towards a common goal (scoring to
Do you sweat? Sweat Does Not Mean You Are Burning Fats!  This is a common misconception. (Yes, i have heard this from many exercisers!). It is just the body's mechanism to stay cool and not get you overheated that you might suffer  heat stroke.  That is why it is important to hydrate well and stock up on the electrolytes that you lose through sweat. If you are exposed to extreme heat or you have been exerting yourself for long periods of time, drink your energy drink rich with pottasium, sodium and glucose for recovery.  Hydrate well. Dont let your skin dry up. Wrinkles aged you.  On the other hand, as the sweat bathes your skin, you get moisturised. It is important that you keep your skin clean   or you will end up having pimples and  acne. Your Skin Is The Largest Organ Of The body And It Is Your Body's First Line Of Defence. So You Definitely Want It To Be Strong. How do you strengthen your first line of defence? Apart from good nutrition a
For beautiful skin - Eat more bugs!    .... bugs – meaning probiotics/live cultures (you know, those things found in yogurt).  Yoghurt is rich in calcium, riboflavin,   vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and protein. A daily serving of greek yoghurt helps detoxify your skin. Gr eek yogurt contains probiotics that assists our colon in eliminating waste, putting less stress on our skin. Be wary of milk dairy yoghurt as it can enhance breakouts. If  you are an acne sufferer, add Manuka honey for its anti bacterial properties. Manuka honey is also  high in hydrogen peroxide, a key ingredient in acne-fighting formulations, and good for healing wounds.   Hydrate Dry Skin by Sleeping! S leep? Do you know that you sweat more during sleep? While you are asleep your body’s hydration rebalances and recovers extra moisture.  This makes sleep a natural moisturizer that can help to smooth out wrinkles and lines on the skin.   How to hydrate dry skin?  - no high
Breakouts?  Dull skin?  Dry skin?  Acne? How to have beautiful skin? Here's two tips for beautiful, soft and glowing youthful skin. TIP 1: BEAUTY SLEEP Three hormones are affected with the quality and quantity of your sleep. - The human growth hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland is produced three hours into your sleep. HGH is important for skin repair and maintenance for a youthful  skin.  - The hormone melatonin is increased during the mid portion two hours of your sleep and  is responsible for regulating your circadian rhythm (sleep/wake patterns).  Melatonin acts as an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damaging free radicals. - In the final three hours of sleep, the skin’s temperature drops to its lowest point allowing muscles to relax m, giving skin its deepest recovery of the night. Cortisol, the stress hormone is being "cancelled out and managed" during this period of your sl