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Vitamins and minerals - from your plate - not from your medicine cabinet, FIRSTLY. Important things we MUST have on our plate: Fiber + Vitamins & Minerals + Phytochemicals Fiber  is the part of plant foods that we cannot digest.  What does fibre-rich food do? It helps  - reduce total and LDL ("bad") cholesterol,  - improve blood sugar control and  - prevent constipation.  High-fiber foods make you full faster and hungry slower. It is excellent for weight management.  Good high-fiber foods: brown rice bulgur (cracked wheat) barley oats nuts beans and lentils apples blueberries carrots Vitamins and minerals .  Vitamins are organic substances found in plants and animals and minerals are inorganic elements from the earth (soil and water). They are both are essential for normal growth and optimal health. Vitamins and minerals that are crucial for good health, and the following are the best food sources of each:
Travelling on plane fatigues your body (even a 4-5 hours ride!).  How to beat it?  Dr Dee Dee in The Land Down Under Even a 4 to 5 hours flight can create havoc in your body and you end up reaching your destination looking tired. Not a good first impression, you want to make, especially if you are meeting your loved ones and working colleagues.  - Because of the compressed pressure in cabins.  It is de-hydrating.  Solution: hydrate throughout flight. Limit caffein intake. Alcohol is not recommended.  - The close proximity of people as passengers sit very close to each other triggers the " territorial beware syndrome ". All of our "antennaes" are up naturally, when anyone encroaches into our  private body space's distance. It sets us on guard all the time. And having this feeling , though subconsciously, throughout our flight zaps our energy. Solution: make friends or at least smile at your fellow passengers. It "loosens" us up. - s
FREE YOUR LUNGS of coughs, asthma, hay fever and breathlessness...especially during haze days! How do you breathe? Always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Your nose hairs help filter out particulate matter, when you’re breathing in city air. Your lungs are responsible for delivering oxygen into the bloodstream providing a filtration system.  Coughing is an automatic response to clearing irritants. Asthma and hay fever are the two major types of lung distress that do not involve infection. Bronchitis can develop if the lungs cannot handle an attack on the immune system. Worst case scenario is pneumonia if these attacks on the lungs immune system is not resolved. The How Tos:  Avoid antibiotics if  you do not have an infection. Infection is signalled as fever, fatigue, and colored phlegm. Drink pure water and warm teas for remedies.  Use Essential oils , which are useful diluted with hot water and taken as a steam inhalation to help clear your lungs i
Dr Dee's 5 Profound Tips that  Makes your day a Sunshiny Day (Update June 2020) Playfully chasing poultry in Bend Oregon. (I think it fears being my Christmas dinner Or maybe it is thinking that i am a faraway relative, it doesnt recognise.:-) Even multi tasking needs focus on one thing at a time.  1. Focus leads to appreciation. Observe your focus when you are with Nature. Do you notice that when you are with nature or your pet, the focus is just on your object and nothing else. When you sitting down in solitude, staring at the sky. It is just that. Focus leads to appreciation. How many of us realise the joy of the morning's whiff of the dew on grass? Be in the moment. Focus. Activity : Focus on the aroma, taste, sight and smell of your coffee as you sip it. And voila! You ace your moment. Create "Focus moments" like this throughout your day. This movement needs focus and core strength.  (When you have the "blues" or your bra
Walking Football4Health  Team Singapore on the World Stage (A ShoutOut Tribute to all Players, Families & Our WaF4H Big Family,  Officials & Organisers, Supporters & Fans, Media &  Sponsors) It was a dream come true for  Coach Masazhari Yayit (from left to right) and players - Mohammad Yusri Mahmud, Jonet Mohd Yusof, Masuri Yayit, Hamdi Bakri, Hanafe Abdul Ghani, Jahari Jadi, Ben Danial and Shukor Abdul Lihin, nine Walking Footballers as Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, Mr Saktiandi Supaat (in blue) gave them a celebrity send-off at the Singapore Changi International Airport on 29 May 2019, as they head off to London to compete in the inaugural IWFF World Cup Walking Football 2019. Media coverages on Team Singapore to World Cup Walking Football London:  MediaCorp News Berita Harian Media Coverage, 1 June 2019 Ber