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Kecik (Small) Goes to Walking Football World Cup with Big Dreams Walking Football4Health Singapore (WaF4H) is going to the first inaugural Walking Football World Cup, organized by the International Walking Football Federation in England this June 2019. Which better person to coach the group of men than 45-year old Masazhari Bin Yayit, otherwise known as Kecik. Kecik’s name was given due to the fact that he is the youngest among his seven siblings. Kecik means small in Malay. His brother, 61-year old Masuri Bin Yayit, is also joining the competition but Kecik will be choosing the first-team fairly because of the reputation that he has gained throughout the many months that he has been coaching both the mens’ and the womens’ teams. His reputation of being tough but fair during the teams’ trainings, yet being sensitive enough to the needs and wants of the group of players under his care, is a tough balancing act for any coach to handle. He has to balance the team’s aspirations t
Life-Changing Moment Resuscitates Participation in Walking Football World Cup Catch Yusri's and the Singapore Team's interview on Lensa Ramadhan on Wed 29 May 2019 at 8.30pm on TV Suria A certain legendary Bill Shankly once said, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.” The quote may be quite amusing to some people but there is a whole lot of truth to the statement for people who lives and breathes football. A WaF4H (Walking Football4Health) member literally had to struggle with the breathing part, quite recently, when there was a health scare that had him re-analyze his lifestyle. He is none other than Mohammad Yusri Bin Mahmud. A few months ago Yusri had to undergo a heart stent implant that reduced the possibility of the artery to be narrowed once again. He recalled the harrowing experience. “A few months ago I experienced pain on my shoulders. Then suddenly, on the 17th of March, at 3.45 a
WaF4H Captain to Lead the Men’s First-Ever Walking Football World Cup 2019 in London 53-year old Hanafe Abdul Ghani is seen slowly sipping his teh tarik from a small plastic bag he bought at a nearby coffeeshop. The man is fully decked out in his footballing attire, just waiting for the full training session to commence before he begins his usual warm-up with the team. If one did not know Hanafe very well, one might have mistaken him for a distant, non-communicative person who prefers to be alone. But for those who know him well, Hanafe can be a very vocal person who airs his opinion at the right time and at the right place. Hanafe, or Hanz to the very people who know him well, is an avid footballer who joined the Walking Football4Health program since last year. He joined the program through Eunos CC, the institution that supports in conjunction with International Sports Academy. Together they supported the Walking Football4Health Communities-Crossing-Countries Health Empowe
Born-Again Footballer Goes to the Walking Football World Cup 2019 Syukor (in blue) kicking the heat at the recent FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) Invitational in Kuala Lumpur. Photo credit Asri From a distance, a silhouetted figure was seen taking out football equipment from his car’s trunk. Training had not started but the person was tirelessly taking out heavy football-related training items so that the members of WaF4H (Singapore’s Walking Football team) can start their training on time. The figure belonged to a certain 58-year old Shukor Bin Abdul Lihin. He joined WaF4H in 2018, after seeing a Facebook advertisement calling out to people who were interested in having a healthy lifestyle. Walking Football4Health is a health community research initiative spearheaded by Dr Dee Dee Mahmood, a Senior Lecturer and Academic Researcher for Edith Cowan University. The initiative is also supported by International Sports Academy and Eunos Community Club. Due to the init
Written By: Shahrom Asmani   ( ex-football reporter for several magazines and newspapers). This 39-year old Football Crazy Person has been in love with football ever since he attended Singapore National Team’s matches at Kallang Stadium in the roaring 80’s. Has been a goalkeeper for a good part of the decade for a variety of teams but joined WaF4H last year because of the team’s mission and values . WaF4H (Walking Football4Health) does not only allow participants to play football, holistically, the team concentrates on various other aspects as well such as food, nutrition and personal well-being. Hopefully WaF4H can lengthen this writer’s career, be it in the football field or in the part-time writing arena as well. Walking Football4Health Gets Invited to AFC Grassroots Football Day Once Again The 2019 edition of AFC Grassroots Football Day will once again see the Walking Football4Health (WaF4H) team pit their skills against their Malaysian counterparts in a Veteran’s Walk