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No motivation (life after CB)?  How to Motivate Yourself when your Motivation is Fading  (Updated June 2020) Click & Like to receive free motivations Are you reviewing where you are now,  on your New Year Resolution, with regards to your committment to exercising and healthy lifestyle?  One of the  most popular reasons is still  "one has no time" to exercise, even though it has been Circuit Breaker (CB) with supposedly  "ample time on our hands".  On the contrary, ironically,  circuit breaker poses much challenges with regards to time. Working from home is not as easy breezy as we thought. We are challenged with family time and interruptions during our work-at-home hours, on top of maintaining home order. It was certainly a challenging time for many of us and for some, understandably, exhausting times. Well, it is time to get back on track now that the stay home notice has been lifted and work li