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Panda eyes ? Eeeks! 
Kungfu Panda is cute..not panda eyes on us though...

Dark circle under the eyes (fondly referred to as "Panda eyes"), eye bags and puffiness are your beauty or health worries? 

Puffy eyes, eye bags and dark circles under the eyes occur for many reasons:

What Causes Puffy Eyes, Eye Bags and Dark Circles Under the Eyes? 

1. Fluid retention from over-consumption of salt
2.  Allergies that can cause inflammation and swelling
3. Sinus 
4. Dehydration
5. Fatigue and lack of sleep
6. Stress
7. Crying
8. Aging

Edema is ordinary swelling around the eyes meaning that you have an excessive accumulation of fluids in the surrounding skin tissue. As the skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin in the body, swelling and discoloration can be very apparent.
Why does fluid accumulate to form puffy eyes?
It is a process in aging when fatty tissues that ordinarily protect the eye inside the bony eye socket begins to push forward and fill in spaces under the eye.
This happens due to the thinning of the membrane or "septum" that ordinarily holds back fat in both the upper and lower eyelids. When this happens,  the fat pushes forward causing bulges under the eye.

You need regular pampering eye treatment at the Spa once or twice a month.

Pampering Eye Treament @Spa with Massage at CELEBRITY BEAUTE

I received a special eye treatment at Celebrity Beaute by their experienced Beautician, Yuki. She pampered me with these:

- Organic Arise Eyecare imported from Switzerland (so i know that my skin receives excellent skincare in terms of product safety and quality)

Arise Alpine Organic skincare are imported from Switzerland and are the following: 

artificial colourings-free
Cruelty-free, no animal testing

Natural and organic ingredients are certified by
(ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT

All products are also associated with COSMEBIO

- Massage eye area to activate lymphatic draining 
- Using Eye Compulift Machine to stimulate drainage around the eye area to rid it of its puffiness, eye bags and panda eyes.

- applying cool mask over the eye, to relax the eye area
- great and cosy ambience at Celebrity Beaute

I simply feel pampered like a Princess! The experience is simply worth is so relaxing!

And on top of that, what i love most about Celebrity Beaute is that they teach me how to replicate the eyecare routine so i can do it at home with the same organic products daily.

I replicate my eyecare daily by using what they used -  Organic Arise Eye Contour treatment as shown below.

And they say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I would say it is "Beholder's Beautiful Eyes"!  

Get rid of our tired eyes', lack lustre look and add a twinkle by caring for our eyes and dont forget to do the EYE Exercises - Blinkings!

Blinking is a form of exercise for  puffy eyes! 

Eyes are puffier and lids look "swollen" in the morning when we wake up because while we sleep, we dont blink. Once we start blinking after waking up, some of the puffiness will disappear within the hour.
Notice how you can get swollen legs on plane rides of long hours where you dont move your legs? Some of these swellings goes away as soon as you start walking,  as muscles in the legs begin "milking" the trapped fluids (edema), which are released back into circulation. Similar to blinking for swollen eyelids - it rids eyes of some of its puffiness.

Remedies for Puffy Eyes, Eye Bags and Dark Circles Under the Eyes

  • Get adequate sleep and rest (sleep 7- 8 hours nigtly and Power nap daily of 15 minutes or 1 hour per nap a day. This is to capitalise on your REM sleep pattern and wake u up fresh)
  • Hydrate adequately  to prevent dehydration
  • Reduce excessive salt in your diet
  • Eat potassium-rich foods, banana, oranges, potatoes, to eliminate excess fluids in your body
  • Applying iced compresses  through a towel when your lids are swollen once every 2 hours. Do not put ice directly onto skin as it can cause frostbite
  • Use eyedrops from your pharmacist for irritation caused by allergies, if appropriate
  • Apply cucumber slices or chilled tea bags over closed eyes
  • Splash cold water over your face and eyes
  • Stop using creams and other skin products that cause any allergic reactions 
  • Use specially formulated and organic eye product for your eye area. Organic products are biochemical-free, fragrance-free, additive-free,coloring-free, paraben-free

Here is the rest of the Arise Alpine Organic Skincare  I am currently using and i simply love it!

Yours always in health, beauty and happiness,
Dee Dee

Celebrity Beaute is at No.81, Jalan Snuker 13/28, Tadisma Business Park, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia  

Tel:        03 - 5518 9388
Fax:       03 - 5510 9388
Mobile:   019 - 318 2920

roducts online order:
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Dee Dee Mahmood, multi award winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist, is the Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University Australia. Her PhD research on obesity was chosen for its impact on obesity in Asia and was accepted and presented at the President's Cup Award, American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington. Ambassadors to brands like Reebok, Norwegian Seafood Council and Celebrity Beaute, this TEDX  Speaker has several signature community programs to her name, Fat2Fit Asia and Walking Football for Health Asia. She conducts  synergy on community and corporate health and research collaborations internationally.

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