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I Body-Peel! 

How Do Skin Peels Work to Improve the Appearance of your Skin?

As our skin are exposed to the environment, sun, dust, dirt and pollutants daily, we lose our skin’s natural pH balance. The uppermost layer consists of dead skin cells -  dry, dull and flaky. If these layers keep building up, the pores in our skin will become increasingly clogged causing wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin tone and blemishes increasing the risks of skin problems such as acne and rosacea.

The Most Effective
Non-Chemical Skin Peel
And I love it!

Safe, Fast & Amazing Results 

- my skin feels baby soft!

Radically Improves the Health and Appearance Of Our Skin with Certified Bio- and Eco- Friendly Organic Ingredients

Natural and organic ingredients are certified by
(ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT

All products are also associated with COSMEBIO 


 My gentle body exfoliator Body Peel by Arise Organique skincare imported from Switzerland:  The spherical micro-particles composed with bamboo stem extract, palm trees leaves, carrageen and bees wax. Edelweiss extract enhances skin regeneration with its high content of anti-oxidants. Jojoba oil to restore skin’s natural pH balance. Effect is rather immediate and it became a good base for skincare products such as moisturisers and skin lotiond. The effectiveness of the moisturisers and skin lotion is increased because the after-peel skin will facilitate a deeper penetration  into the skin.

How to body peel at home?

After bath or shower, apply and smooth on until friction is felt. Rub in a circular motion. Then shower off with warm water with a final cold water splash on to rejuvenate the skin. Pat lightly with towel and moisturise with body l

Instead of killing our cells like chemical peels do, organic product Arise Skin Peel gently dissolves and loosens the matrix that holds together the cell structures so the outermost layers of skin wash off in a manner consistent with our natural biological process of shedding outer layers over time.

If you use this product regularly once a week for around a month you will get similar results to a commercial medium skin peel, without the anesthesia, swelling, or mandatory down time.

Product can be safely used on all external parts of your body, legs, arms, back, stomach, chest and  feet. Do not use on open wounds. 

Always exercise precautions before using any products.  Before using any skin peel, it is always wise to do an  isolated skin test by testing the product on the back of your wrist. If your skin starts feeling raw or irritated then stop or cut down on frequency of use. 

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My full organic skincare routine - highly recommended!

Yours always in health, beauty and happiness
Dee Dee

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Dee Dee Mahmood, multi award winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist, is the Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University Australia. Her PhD research on obesity was chosen for its impact on obesity in Asia and was accepted and presented at the President's Cup Award, American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington. Ambassadors to brands like Reebok, Norwegian Seafood Council and Celebrity Beaute, this TEDX  Speaker has several signature community programs to her name, Fat2Fit Asia and Walking Football for Health Asia. She conducts  synergy on community and corporate health and research collaborations internationally.

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