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Walking Football4Health Celebrates AFC Grassroots Football Day 2018  @Wisma FAM Malaysia

Eunos CSC IGroup - Walking Football4Health, a research initiative by Dee Dee Mahmood under Edith Cowan University Australia and supported by International Sports Academy, was invited by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to celebrate The AFC Grassroots Football Day 2018 on 12 May 2018 in Wisma FAM with 260 children aged 6 to 12 years old, where ambassadors for the National U-23 players were unveiled. Congratulations to Ambassadors Hadi Fayyadh and Intan Sarah Zulgafli!

Officiating was Dato' Haji Hamidin Haji Mohd Amin (FAM General Secretary) and present were Datuk Windsor Paul (AFC General Secretary), Dato Yap (FIFA), Peter Roo (FAM Technical Director), Datuk Soh Chin Aun, Datuk Santokh Singh, Head of Grassroots FAM, Samuel Siew, Puan Normala Abdul Rashid, Head - Women Department.
Dee Dee with Head of Grassroots FAM, Samuel Siew
Dee Dee with Peter de Roo, FAM Technical Director & Rachel
Dee Dee with Dato' Haji Hamidin Haji Mohd Amin (FAM General Secretary), Dato Windsor Paul (AFC General Secretary), Dato Yap (FIFA), Peter Roo (FAM Technical Director), Datuk Soh Chin Aun, Datuk Santokh Singh, Kevin Ramalingam (MFL), Dez Corkhill (MFL), Stanley Bernard (MFL), B. Sathianathan(Felda United) and Simon Lim (Air Asia)

WARM-UP Energised! was conducted by Celebrity Dee Dee Mahmood with the children and the Ladies & Men visiting teams from Singapore. 

Quick Facts:

What is Walking Football4Health?
- communities-crossing-countries, health through fitness-empowerment movement

- research initiative by Celebrity Dee Dee Mahmood (Adjunct Senior Lecturer @Edith Cowan University Australia, Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist)

- Scientific research on walking football fitness was presented by Dee Dee  at the American College of Sports Medicine NW Annual Meeting on 17 -18 Feb 2018 in Bend, Oregon

- supported by Edith Cowan University, Australia, International Sports Academy & Eunos CSC, Singapore

More about WalkingFootball4Health:

Facebook: Walking Football4Health

Dee Dee Mahmood Full Profile:

Malaysia Legends vs. Walking Football4Health Eunos CSC Singapore

Official Plaque Presentation by Dee Dee Mahmood, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University Australia to Dato ' Haji Hamidin Haji Mohd Amin (FAM General Secretary) 

Eunos CSC Presenting Pennant & Plaque (from left to right): Masazhari Yayit, Ben Danial, Mohamed Rafee Abdul Rahman, Hamdi Bakri, Dee Dee Mahmood, Mohamed Junaidi Songab, Ismail Abdul Jamal, Masykur Abdul Malek

Singapore Men Eunos CSC (Standing from left to right) Muhammad Shahrom Asmani, Ben Danial, Masykur Abdul Malek, Rohaizat Abdul Rasik,   Mohamed Junaidi Songab,  Hanafe Abdul Ghani, (Sitting from left to right) Mohamed Rafee Abdul Rahman, Masazhari Yayit, Hamdi Bakri,  Ismail Abdul Jamal

Malaysian Legends Team: Dato' Haji Hamidin Haji Mohd Amin (FAM General Secretary), Dato Windsor Paul (AFC General Secretary), Dato Yap (FIFA), Peter de Roo (FAM Technical Director), Datuk Soh Chin Aun, Datuk Santokh Singh, Kevin Ramalingam (MFL), Dez Corkhill (MFL), Stanley Bernard (MFL), B. Sathianathan(Felda United) and Simon Lim (Air Asia)

Celebrating AFC Grassroots Football Day 2018 with Walking Football

THE MATCH in action

Official FAM Referee

Lion Angels Singapore Exhibition Match (Ladies)

Lion Angels Singapore in Walking Football4Health Jerseys: (standing from left to right) Zubaidah Ibrahim, Sapiah Rosdi, Ruminah Sidek, Rasidah Yahya, Azizah Binte Bujang, Paridah Said, (sitting from left to right) Intan Hartini Haji Anuar, Nurhuda Hamdi (in green bib), Noredayou binte siwi, Norhidayah Binte Hamdi, Siti Jamilah Binte Mansor, Salamah Bte Abdul Karim

Grassroots'' Parents Engagement in Walking Football 

We were covered by Bernama, RTM, TV3, StadiumAstro and on FAM Official Page:

Walking Football4Health Posters Competition
Walking Football Benefits for Health & Fitness displayed on FAM Wall 
As a move to increase awareness on Walking Football and its Health Benefits, posters presentation were prepared by the Singapore Teams on:
- Walking Football & Health
- Walking Football on Moods
- How to Play Walking Football
- Walking Football & Prostate Cancer
- Benefits of Walking Football

Go to this link to see winning posters and all updates on Walking Football4Health:

11.5.2018, Friday
- Team Bonding BBQ Dinner @The Skyz, 
Best Western Hotel PJ

We got our jerseys sponsored by International Sports Academy, Rasidah Yahya & Ruminah Sidek. Thank you!
Thank you #teamISA, Rasidah Yahya & Ruminah Sidek for the jerseys!

12.5.2018, Saturday 
Exhibition Match Day @Wisma FAM, Kelana Jaya, Malaysia Arrival @FAM

12.5.2018 @ Hotel Best Western PJ
Reflections & Team Analysis

Masazhari Yayit & Masykur A Malek are International Sports Academy Diploma in Sports Science Students #teamISA

Our Goalkeeper Mohd Shahrom & his supportive wife, Sharifah

11.5.2018, Sunday Power Breakfast

Thank you FAM, AFC Grassroots Football, Edith Cowan University Australia, International Sports Academy #teamISA, Eunos CSC, Malaysian Legends, Singapore Men's Team & Lion Angels Singapore and families, friends and supporters of
 #GoalforLife #CommitmenttoHealth


Are you interested to play 
 and look after your health at the same time? 
Here's your chance...


Facebook: Walking Football4Health


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