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Dr Dee's 5 Profound Tips that 
Makes your day a Sunshiny Day (Update June 2020)

Playfully chasing poultry in Bend Oregon. (I think it fears being my Christmas dinner
Or maybe it is thinking that i am a faraway relative, it doesnt recognise.:-)

Even multi tasking needs focus on one thing at a time. 

1. Focus leads to appreciation.
Observe your focus when you are with Nature.
Do you notice that when you are with nature or your pet, the focus is just on your object and nothing else. When you sitting down in solitude, staring at the sky. It is just that. Focus leads to appreciation.

How many of us realise the joy of the morning's whiff of the dew on grass? Be in the moment. Focus.

Activity: Focus on the aroma, taste, sight and smell of your coffee as you sip it. And voila! You ace your moment.
Create "Focus moments" like this throughout your day.

This movement needs focus and core strength.
 (When you have the "blues" or your brain is clustered, just do this move and hold it for a few seconds. Breathe gently throughout. You will notice that you will streamline your focus.)

2. Core strength is paramount in whatever you do and nothing will be compromised. Just like strength in fitness, weak core strength translates to injuries.

Similarly in life, it is what we are taught growing up. Our core values. Stay true to our core values and no one can rob you off your strength.

Activity: if you feel "lost", write down your core value that you hold dear. Is it honesty? Humility? Gratitude? And the list goes on..
Document a moment when you are proud of yourself for upholding your core value irregardless of pressure or opposition. And there you have it, the TRUE you that no one can take away from you!

The connection between beauty, fitness and health
#commitmenttohealth can be adopted as your Core Strength

3. Back to basics. As in the quest for beauty, dont go superficial. It is not only the make up on your skin. It is what is underneath it that holds the makeup together. #commitmenttohealth and all will fall into place, no obesity, better health, radiant glowing looks and better energy and confidence.

- Let your food be your medicine and not the other way round. Wise choice today prevents functional health deterioration later.
- Hydrate 8-12 glasses per day
- 5 minute of deep gentle belly diaphramatic breathing. No CHEST breathing please. 

4. Stress is what gets us down screaming to us to give up.  Address the stress and eliminate it. 

Never stop what you started unless it is hurting you. And always remember, giving up is not failure. It is starting again.

Activity: identify what stresses you. You are getting really short tempered. Is it, subconsciously, that pending work at the back of your mind that you procrastinated on? Do it. Or at least start on it now.

Need stretches to relax you truly? Click here:

5. Be flexible. Nothing is cast in stone. Adaptability is kindness to yourself and your progress forward.

Activity: OCDs beware! It is Murphy Law. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Stop fault-blaming - it is negative and never do anyone any good. Much less you. You are a perfectionist. Others might not be. And the only person losing hair over this, will just be you. Take it in your stride and modify your plans of action accordingly. You might learn new things along the way and not lose friends, along the way.

Yours in health and happiness, Dr Dee Dee Mahmoodis the Regional Head (RAAN ECU) & Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University Australia & a multi-award-winning TEDx Speaker, Celebrity Exercise Physiologist,  Nutritionist  and Talk Show Host.  More about Dr Dee, click:
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