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I am wearing an open toe high heels for my jalan raya. What about you? 

Dee Dee's Hari Raya Shoes by Lewre

So it is time to get to work on that feet and toe nails. Here is the simple and effective home routine: 
Care for your nails

Soak your feet in warm water filled with Epsom Salt for a few minutes. This helps to soften the nail beds thus making it easier to clip and push our cuticles back. 
Exfoliating with a hand & foot scrub helps smoothen the skin. Brush it with a mini loofah for even more softer skin. 
Clean the dirt underneath the nails. Or if you have remnants of old nail polish, use nail polish remover on a bit of cotton ball wrapped around a thin stick. 

To whiten area underneath the nails, soak fingers in lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Rinse toes with warm water and apply nail cream.

When you are filing your nails, file nails in one direction. Never file it back and forth as this creates jagged tips that are prone to breakings. File smoothly in one direction at a time.  File from one side, then the other, until the nails are smooth.
Use a nail buffer as it helps to flatten out and smooth over any dents in the nail. 
Buffer the tips of our nails, too, to finish off the filing job.
Cuticle-removing products from Sally Hansen and similar brands, loosen and remove dead skin so we can basically wipe away the remnants before pushing the cuticles back.

Vitamins and supplements most effective for nail growth and health
Biotin, or vitamin B7, is important to maintain protein production. It helps strengthen weak or brittle nails. Since your nails are made of protein, L-Lysine supplements can be taken to help build healthy proteins and help maintain healthy nails.

Voila! These sexy feet are made for walking Raya...All ready for Raya visitings! 

Oh ya! For effective blood circulation, prop your feet on a pillow when you lay down. It helps drain lymphatic fluid buildup. 

And give it a good massage with your knuckles threading at areas of the calves and your soles. Carry a tennis ball and run your feet on the tennis ball if you have a private moment of no-shoes.

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Yours in beauty, fitness and health always,
Dee Dee

Dee Dee Mahmood, multi award winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist, is the Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University Australia. Her PhD research on obesity was chosen for its impact on obesity in Asia and was accepted and presented at the President's Cup Award, American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington. Ambassadors to brands like Reebok, Norwegian Seafood Council and Celebrity Beaute, this TEDX  Speaker has several signature community programs to her name, Fat2Fit Asia and Walking Football for Health Asia. She conducts  synergy on community and corporate health and research collaborations internationally. Dee Dee has just been appointed the International Scientific Committee and International Ambassador for the World Conference on Exercise Medicine, supported by World Health Organisation (WHO).

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