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I Am Dee Dee Mahmood

Profile Updated 10 Sep 2019

Dr Dee Dee MOVES the community!

Dr Dee Dee Mahmood, multi-award winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, TEDx Speaker & Talk Show Host is the Regional Head, Regional Alumni Ambassador Network and the Associate Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University Australia. A Golden Key Honour Society Scholar, her PhD research on obesity was chosen for its impact on obesity in Asia and was accepted and presented at the President's Cup Award, American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington.  Ambassadors to brands like Reebok, Norwegian Seafood Council, Dr Dee Dee has several signature communities-crossing-countries fitness research programmes to her name, Fat2Fit Asia and Walking Football4Health Asia. This media darling conducts  synergy on community and corporate health and research collaborations internationally.

Click here for media coverages: 

Recording of "Cetusan" programme by Mediacorp TV Berita/News/Channel News Asia with:
Mr @Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Health, Panels of Experts: @Dr Dee Dee Mahmood @Dr Elly Sabrina  @Chef Mel Dean discussing issues on community health


Dr Dee Dee Mahmood  is an international multi-award-winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Talk Show Host.

She has been appointed the Regional Head for the Regional Alumni Ambassador Network, Edith Cowan University Australia. She is also the Associate Adjunct Senior Lecturer/Researcher (International Collaborations) with Edith Cowan University, Australia. 

Dr Dee Dee is  the  Director, International Development & Research, Federation of International Walking Football Associations (FIWFA), 
Walking Football Association (WFA) England.

Her experience and expertise includes being Consultant & Visiting Lecturer to the University of Malaya in Malaysia, Lecturer for the United States Sports Academy, International Sports Academy, American Council on Exercise and the Singapore Sports Council as well as the Institute of Business Excellence's Associate in MARA University of Technology (UiTM) Malaysia.

  A Golden Key International Honor Society Scholar, Dee Dee received her Bachelors of Science Honours  in Edith Cowan University, Australia and  her  postgraduate in Nanyang Technological University/NIE, Singapore.  Dee Dee’s PhD research was supported by the National University of Singapore under University of Malaya. Her research on obesity and high intensity training was selected and presented in the President’s Cup Award in the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Chapter Meeting 2016 in Tacoma Washington. It was selected because of its impact on obesity in Asia.

Dr Dee Dee is a TEDX Speaker and Keynote Speaker in international conferences and conventions, her work currently involves research collaborations internationally as well as synergy in corporate and community health.

Dr Dee Dee, the Scientific Researcher 

 Invited Speaker, American College of Sports Medicine NW Annual Meeting Conference  presenting scientific findings on obesity in Singapore

Invited Speaker at Asia Football Confederation Medical Conference in Chengdu, China 4-8 March 2019 

Scientific findings on walking football research was accepted and presented by Dr Dee Dee at the American College of Sports Medicine North West Annual Meeting in Bend, Oregon on Feb 23, 2018 and 1-2 March 2019. 

Dr Dee Dee's international collaborative research on Walking Football published and selected as the "Highlighted Article" for the Journal of Physical Education, Fitness and Sports.
Dr Dee Dee, Celebrity Talk Show Host 

Dr Dee Dee, The International 
Brand Ambassador

Dr Dee Dee’s international ambassadorships include being the 

- REEBOK Fitness Ambassador (Singapore & Malaysia started since 2012); 

- Goodwill Ambassador for Norwegian Seafood Council, Norway; 

- Blue Cap Movement Ambassador Malaysia (Prostate Cancer awareness); 

- Singapore Heart Foundation Ambassador, among others.

Reebok Fitness Ambassador, Singapore & Malaysia (started in 2012)

Presenting Dee Dee @Press Launch of Blue Cap Movement MALAYSIA


She has graced the fa├žade of an aeroplane as  Jetstar Asia Celebrate the Hero Award SG50 2015

Dr Dee Dee has been honoured with:

- 2016 Blue Cap Movement Ambassador (Prostate Cancer awareness) Malaysia

- 2015 AURA Hawa (PPIS Singapore)

- 2014 U.M. Cares Award by University of Malaya, Malaysia

- 2010 "Caring It Forward Ambassador" (National Healthcare Group)

- 2008 & 2009 "Go Red for Women" Ambassador (Singapore Heart Foundation)

- 2005 Singapore Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador Award (Singapore Health Promotion Board)

- 2004 & 2006 Gold Award, Singapore Sporting Inspiration Award (Singapore Sports Council)

Dr Dee Dee labelled as the Health and Fitness Icon of Asia
by Berita Harian Malaysia

Dr Dee Dee has several researched-based signature programmes which includes  Walking Football4Health Asia & Fat2Fit Asia.

Walking Football for Health is a research initiative driven by Founder and  Celebrity Talk Show Host, Dr Dee Dee Mahmood,  multi-award winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer (International Collaborations) of Edith Cowan University Australia, supported by International Sports Academy and Eunos CSC to promote health to the community combating obesity and non-communicable diseases which interferes with the productivity and quality of life.

News coverage by Channel News Asia/TV Suria on Dee Dee's Celebrity Drive. Click Link below:

Berita Harian Special Coverage

Walking Football4Health has achieved many significant milestones:

Walking Football4Health
 Represents Singapore in the 
World Cup Walking Football London 
(29 May - 3 June 2019)

About Team Singapore in the World Cup:

4 May 2019: Specially invited by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for The AFC Grassroots Football Day 2019 to showcase walking football. 
Deputy President FAM presenting FAM plaque to Dr Dee Dee 
Singapore vs. Malaysia 
Walking Football4Health playing against:
Dato' Haji Hamidin Haji Mohd Amin, President FAM
Dato' Sri Subahan Kamal, Deputy President FAM
Datuk Wira Mohd Yusoff Mahadi, Deputy President FAM
Stuart Ramalingam, General Secretary FAM
Peter de Roo, Technical Director FAM

Dato’ Ong Kim Swee, Malaysia U-23 Coach
Coach B. Sathianathan, Selangor FA Head Coach
Dato’ K. Rajagopal, PKNS FC Head Coach
Dato’ Santokh Singh, Malaysia Football Legend
Dato’ Soh Chin Aun, Malaysia Football Legend (in black, on the left, as seen in photo below)

12 May 2018: Invitational by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for The AFC Grassroots Football Day 2018 to showcase an Exhibition Match against Malaysia Football Legends and Heads of  FAM, Asian Football Confederation,  Malaysian Football Confederation to introduce Walking Football to the Malaysian community.

Harian Metro Media Coverage on Walking Football4Health in FAM

Plaque Presentation to Dato HJ Hamidin, Dato' Haji Hamidin Haji Mohd Amin, President FAM, President of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)

 Exhibition Match vs. Malaysia Football Legends @Wisma FAM on 12 May 2018

Walking Football4Health Asia goes to Perth 1 - 5 Dec 2018 for Exhibition Match and Performance Testings @Edith Cowan University Australia! 

Walking Football4Health's Official Theme Song "Terbang Helang" ("The Eagle Soars") by EMI Records performed by Akhir Band in Singapore & Malaysia, Jan 2019

Walking Football4Health hosted South Africa July 2019

Walking Football for Health(WaF4H) and Community Health:

Walking Football & Community Health

- Do you know that Walking Football for Health was first launched in April 2017 with ONLY 10 ladies?  (Now, it has grown to more than 100 and is a communities-crossing-countries health empowerment movement, pooling together women and men of all ages (from 15 years old  to 70's) with different levels of fitness (from sedentary to the fit) with various levels of health status, from the healthy to those with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma and even post cancer.)

Women & Walking Football

Paul Parker, ex Manchester United & England Player as Officiating Referee in inaugural Launch
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

** Singapore Launch in Nov 2017 by Minister of Tampines GRC and Mayor of NorthEast District, Mr Desmond Choo.

Walking Football for Health Asia:

** Walking Football Home Ground Launch in Eunos CC in Feb 2018.

** 1st Walking Football Mini Tournament was held recently on 14 April 2019 and graced by Guest of Honour, Mr Chua Eng Leong, Adviser for Aljunied GRC Grassroots Organisation. 

Walking Football4Health

Dr Dee Dee, Invited Speaker at Asia Football Confederation Medical Conference in Chengdu, China 4-8 March 2019 

 (13 June 2019)

Dr Dee Dee appointed the
 Director, International Development & Research, Federation of International Walking Football Associations (FIWFA), 
Walking Football Association (WFA) England 

FAT2FIT ASIA is Dr Dee Dee's empower to inspire Fat2Fit signature programme incorporating nutrition, exercise physiology and psychology, was personally inspired by her own personal obesity struggles (see her obese photo at the end of this article). She has helped many with  health transformations, losing 25 kg in 3 months the healthy way.) 

Dr Dee Dee is the Mentor Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Celebrity Trainer in the Signature 17-segments episodes series in Fat2Fit on Malaysia's national Television TV1 on "Apa Kata Wanita" in 2013. 

There are ongoing Fat2Fit programmes to the current day.
RTM TV1 Fat2Fit on Apa Kata Wanita

Fat2Fit (F2F) Series as follows: Fat2Fit University Malaya (4 seasons) and Fat2Fit MARA was also introduced. Fat2Fit Singapore was conducted since 2013 until current.

Fat2Fit Malaysia

Fat2Fit Singapore 

Do you know that...

This was Dee Dee...

She used to be morbidly obesed at 90kg (40BMI). She lost 3 family members to heart attacks and stroke. She was hospitalised for gastroenteritis, suffering cuts to her stomach lining due to extreme dieting. She previously suffered from bullimia.

Notwithstanding all these obstacles, she converted the negatives to positives as she took all these obstacles in her stride. And she has never looked back since.

This is Dee Dee today...

Do you know that Dr Dee Dee has a strong following of community Exercisers, whom she has exercised with since year 2001!

This Celebrity Exercise Physiologist has been exercising with the community in Singapore every week since 2001. She teaches dance-fitness, Step Reebok, resistance exercises (dumbells, dynabands etc), Pilates, HITT classes (she even has a scientific research on HITT - exercise and music)!

Although she travels extensively for work every week, she will always find time to exercise with the community in Singapore, every Saturdays and Sundays in her just-drop-by/no need to register exercise classes for Ladies Only. So come on down, if you want to exercise with Dee Dee:

Apart from speaking and writing on Fitness and Health, Dr Dee Dee is also Media Columnist on Food and Nutrition for normal and special populations (eg. children, youth, athletes, seniors, pregnant and medical conditions population).


Dee Dee, a TV Presenter, with series of TV Shows like KILO123 (where she helped Comedian Suhaimi Yusof lose 18 kg of fat weight within 3 months), Travel Fitness Asia with Dee Dee and she was  the Celebrity Nutritionist in Feast Fight, among others.

Travel Fitness Asia with Dee Dee

Feast Fight TV Series

This media sweetheart has been featured on numerous media channels  - USA Radio, Radio WPSC88.7FM New Jersey, USA, Channel News Asia, Bernama News Channel, Straits Times, New Straits Times, Berita Harian/Minggu (Singapore/Malaysia), Harian Metro, Utusan Malaysia, Mediacorp Channel 5 & Suria TV News, RTM TV1, TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini, TV9 Nasi Lemak Kopi O, Radio 94.2FM, 91.3FM, 89.7FM,  Her World, ELLE, Shape,, among others.

WCBS Newsradio USA
Dee Dee's episode was one of Radio Warna Singapore's highest rated program 

TV Channel News Asia

TV Bernama News Channel

TV Live on Nasi Lemak Kopi O on TV9

Tv Suria

MoneyFM89.3 Radio

Radio Warna 94.2FM

Contact Dr Dee Dee Mahmood:

Singapore : (65) 9180 7372


Instagram: Dr Dee Dee Mahmood
Twitter: @dee2mahmood
LinkedIn: Dr Dee Dee Mahmood 
YouTube: Dee Dee Mahmood

Dr Dee Dee's Profile:

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