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No motivation?
Reviewing where you are on your New Year Resolution now, when it concerns committing to a healthy lifestyle by exercising, would put many into a self defence mode, with one of the  most popular reason or excuse given being  "one has no time".  But if you substitute these words "no time"  with "I am not a priority", then you will see the situation differently. Yes, we always start out strong when we embark on any project. We want to finish with a celebration bang too. So how do we do it without falling off the bandwagon, losing our zest along the way? How to Motivate Yourself when your Motivation is Fading Scenario 1: You slack because your mind tells you to.  When your mind tells you "you should rest from exercising because you are tired (even when you are not!)". It is just suggesting an easier path. What do you do? Wait.  Dont react. Pause.  When you pause, your  mind will tell you that you will feel very good about accomplishing thi…
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Celebration of Walking Football4Health

10 Feb 2019 Singapore has its Celebrities and ex-national footballers coming together in support of community health through the Launch of Walking Football4Health & its Theme Song  by  Guest of Honour, Mr Saktiandi Supaat, Member of Parliament of Bishan Toa Payoh GRC.

This Communities-Crossing-Countries-Health Empowerment research-based initiative by Dee Dee Mahmood, Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer (International Collaborations) at  Edith Cowan University, Australia and 
international multi-award-winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Talk Show Host overwhelming media coverages on TV, radio, print and digital media.

News coverage by Channel News Asia/TV Suria. Click Link:

Launch of Walking Football4Health (WaF4H) Of…
Exercise Motivation & Character-Building: Support System as a Team
How is your New Year Resolution to exercise? Strong on 1st January and slacking as the months progress? "Semangat 2 minit" (2-minute "motivation spirit") syndrome is no new concern.

One of the biggest challenges in exercise adherence is waning motivation. It is a challenge to stay motivated especially if you are exercising alone. 
So how do you ensure that you have strength in motivation?

Exercise as a Team. TEAM SPORTS.
When you have fun in a group, you will motivate each other and likely that you will stay motivated too.

Playing team sports can aid in strengthening exercise commitment. Team sports are not only socially fun, it builds friendship.
Playing Team Sports Builds Character 1. Towards a common goal This is aligning your focus not only to contribute positively to your team but also to bring out the best in yourself and others while striving to achieve team goals. A.k.a.Team spirit. 

Updated 7.2.2019

Celebrity Chef Amri Azim 
  Celebrity Dr Dee Dee Mahmood,  Exercise Physiologist/ Nutritionist,  Adjunct Senior Lecturer,  Edith Cowan University Australia

  cordially invites you to Celebrity Walking Football Match  &
Launch of WaF4H Official Theme Song  WaF4H,   performed LIVE by DJ Elfie of Radio Warna 94.2FM and AKHIR

Walking Football for Health (WaF4H) Asia is a research initiative on walking soccer driven by Celebrity TEDx Speaker, Dee Dee Mahmood,  multi-award winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer (International Collaborations) of Edith Cowan University Australia (School of Medical & Health Sciences).

It is supported by Edith Cowan University Australia, International Sports Academy,  Eunos Community Sports Club, Singapore and renowned multi award winning Celebrity Chef Amri Azim of Steak Me, to promote health to the community, combating cancer, obesity and non-com…