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No motivation? How to Motivate Yourself when your Motivation is Fading
Reviewing where you are on your New Year Resolution now, when it concerns committing to a healthy lifestyle by exercising, would put many into a self defence mode, with one of the  most popular reason or excuse given being  "one has no time".  But if you substitute these words "no time"  with "I am not a priority", then you will see the situation differently. Yes, we always start out strong when we embark on any project. We want to finish with a celebration bang too. So how do we do it without falling off the bandwagon, losing our zest along the way? How to Motivate Yourself when your Motivation is Fading Scenario 1: You slack because your mind tells you to.  When your mind tells you "you should rest from exercising because you are tired (even when you are not!)". It is just suggesting an easier path. What do you do? Wait.  Dont react. Pause.  When you pause, your  mind will tell …