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Exercise Motivation & Character-Building: Support System as a Team

How is your New Year Resolution to exercise? Strong on 1st January and slacking as the months progress? "Semangat 2 minit" (2-minute "motivation spirit") syndrome is no new concern.
One of the biggest challenges in exercise adherence is waning motivation. It is a challenge to stay motivated especially if you are exercising alone. 
So how do you ensure that you have strength in motivation?

Exercise as a Team. TEAM SPORTS.
When you have fun in a group, you will motivate each other and likely that you will stay motivated too.

Playing team sports can aid in strengthening exercise commitment. Team sports are not only socially fun, it builds friendship.
Playing Team Sports Builds Character 1. Towards a common goal This is aligning your focus not only to contribute positively to your team but also to bring out the best in yourself and others while striving to achieve team goalsa.k.a.Team spirit.