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Can Physiology help us stay motivated? 

New Year Resolutions - are we still good? How physiology can help us in staying true to our new year resolution's inspiration and motivation? 

Like the focus function on our camera, everything becomes clearer if we channel the energy to it. If our photo is not focused well, it becomes blurry. 

Obstacles are all we see when we take our eyes off our goals. 
We need motivation to help us focus and be inspired.

Can physiology help us in getting our new year resolution inspiration and motivation?  Well, yes! 
The answer is dopamine. 
Dopamine in the brain, functions as a neurotransmitter, a chemical released by our nerve cells (neurons) to send signals to other neurons.  One of the dopamine pathways plays a major role in reward-motivated behaviour. 
Dopamine promotes feelings of focus, enjoyment and well-being and it also promotes motivation by giving us the drive to perform and achieve. People who are always motivated and goal-oriented have higher…
Walking Football for Health Launch  by the Guest of Honour, Member of Parliament of Tampines GRC and Mayor of North East District Mr Desmond Choo on 25 November 2017 #CommitmentToHealth movement was special.
In celebration of health through the ages with a modified sports - Walking Football.

It was a communities-crossing-countries health empowerment movement, pooling together women of all ages (from 20's to 60's) with different levels of fitness (from sedentary to the fit) with various levels of health status, from the healthy to those with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma and even post cancer.

A research initiative driven by Celebrity Dee Dee Mahmood,  multi-award winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer (International Collaborations) of Edith Cowan University Australia, studying the impact of modified sports on community health, in collaborations with American College of Sports Medicine North-West's Professor Dr Dan Heil …