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2019 in Review

Written By: Shahrom Asmani (ex-football reporter for a few magazines and newspapers) 39-year old Football Crazy Person has been in love with football ever since he attended Singapore National Team’s matches at Kallang Stadium in the roaring 80’s. Has been a goalkeeper for a good part of the decade for a variety of teams but joined WaF4H last year because of the team’s mission and values.
WaF4H does not only allow participants to play football, holistically the team concentrates on various other aspects as well such as food, nutrition and personal well-being. Hopefully WaF4H can lengthen this writer’s career, be it in the football field or in the part-time writing arena as well.
2019 - In Review As 2019 drew to a memorable close, here at Walking Football4Health (WaF4H), we have decided to do a very quick rundown of the major events that happened last year.
As I looked through the many photographs taken by many WaF4H members, a tinge of nostalgia overcame me as I realized the many signific…